Welcome To Pro Tape

PROTAPE - designers and manufacturers of industrial & retail adhesive tape products.
PROTAPE is recognized as a leading designer and distributor of high quality speciality adhesive
tapes for the Automotive aftermarket, DIY retailers and Industrial users.

With its operational base in Malaysia, PROTAPE has a market-leading advantage by working in part-
nership with a wide range of specialist factories throughout the region, each with its own areas of
expertise in the production of self-adhesive tape products for all purposes.

Harnessing the exceptional skills and knowledge of our personnel, PROTAPE has the product
research and development capabilities to convert conceptual ideas into highly-usable cost effective

We regularly receive requests for unique requirements for self-adhesive tape products, and working closely with our customers, we listen to your needs,
and co-operate closely with you to design and manufacture products to meet your exact needs to fit your purpose.

At PROTAPE we are highly flexible and responsive towards our customer requirements. Standard products on the market may not fit the bill for your
busi-ness , and we know that the needs and applications of speciality adhesive tape products are constantly evolving.

Whatever purpose you identify to meet your unique needs, PROTAPE is here to work with you to deliver the solution, on time and at the right price.
Our research and development team is constantly evolving as market needs change and develop, and we continually invest in our design, production
and quality control facilities to ensure that we deliver a comprehensive range of products for a wide range of markets.

In order to meet the universal uses and purposes of self-adhesive tape products, we work with an extensive range of substrates including papers, films,
foams, foils and fabrics. Our adhesive systems are created from acrylic, rubber based, synthetic rubber, and UV adhesives to name but a few.

There are various factors which contribute to the cost of our products, such as the type of backing and the adhesive strength, however we consistently
deliver highly competitively-priced tapes to meet a wide variety of applications and budgets.